Boarding Services

At Marathon Veterinary Hospital, we strive to provide excellence in animal care and to assure a comfortable stay for all of our guests.  We provide clean and spacious accommodations for both cats and dogs.  Our animal caregivers are dedicated to providing each of our guests the utmost care, attention and love.  Each pet is treated as if they were our own!

Should your pet need any medical services such as vaccinations, spay/neuter, dentistry or a bath we would be happy to perform them during your pet’s stay. Please ask about any services when you make your pet’s reservation.

The benefits of boarding at Marathon Veterinary Hospital are that our staff is highly trained to watch for indications of any medical problems that may arise during your pet’s stay.  While your pet is with us, he/she will receive a complimentary boarding examination by one of our doctors and you will be notified of any concerns. If you have a special needs pet, we are happy to meet their needs by giving medications or special diets.


Each canine guest stays in spacious kennels and is leash walked outside at least 3 times daily in a fenced yard.  The kennels are air-conditioned and have overhead lighting to mimic normal day/night conditions.  All our canine guests are fed once a day a premium dry food, unless otherwise instructed.  We supply warm & cozy beds and blankets, which are changed daily for your pet’s comfort.


Each feline guest stays in spacious kennels equipped with air-conditioning at all times and also have overhead lighting to mimic normal day/night conditions.  We supply each feline guest with a sterilized litter box which is changed as needed.  Our feline guests are fed once daily a premium dry diet, unless otherwise instructed.  We also supply warm and comfy bedding which is changed daily for your pets confort.


We require all pets to be up to date on the following vaccinations:

Dogs: Rabies, Distemper/Parvo & Bordetella
Cats: Rabies & Distemper

Please provide us with documentation of these vaccinations if they have been done elsewhere.

We will gladly update your pet’s vaccinations on the first day of their stay if needed.


Pets may be checked in or picked up during normal business hours:

8:00 am – 5:30 pm Monday through Friday
8:00 am –  2:00 pm on Saturdays

We offer after hours check-in and pick up at an additional fee. Please inquire about this service when making your reservation.

Shirey giving Max some TLC.

Mikki and Blue.