Lab Tests

Here at Marathon Veterinary Hospital we have a state-of-the-art labratory. Whether your pet needs a simple heart worm test or a more complex diagnostic analysis, we are able to service your pet on the spot no matter what species.
Some of our lab services include:
Complete Blood Counts (CBC)
Blood Chemistry Panels
Electrolyte Analysis
Hematology Analysis
Cytology Analysis
Full Urinaylsis
Urine Culture and Sensitivity

We also work closly with a diagnostic labrotory off site which we use for different tests like vaccine titers, blood panels, theraputic drug level testing and microbiology.

Our veterinary pharmacy includes a wide variety of pharmicuticals to facilitate any medical problem that your pet may need. Veterinary medication is sometimes species specific and you can be assured that our pharmacy is stocked with the best and current medications.

Our pharmacy is stocked with cardiac, gastrointestinal, urinary tract, hormonal, behavioral and pain medications. We also have a wide selection of anibiotics, steroids, eye, ear and skin medication.